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 Considered the 'King of the Sea', turbot landings from the inshore fleet are a prized luxury. Gorgeous, rich meat and brilliant at every size. Also one of the most exported species, but now popularised by our close mates at Brat in Shoreditch. If you've got to the end of reading this, I can promise that all of today's landings have mostly gone now! 

Boats landing this species: Resolute, Two Brothers, Susie-H

Fishing methods used: Static Nets, Otter Trawl

 What you'll receive:

  • 600g: 0.5-1kg
  • 1.2kg: 1-2kg
  • 2.5kg: 2-3kg
  • 3kg+: 3-4kg

This fish feeds:

  • 750g: 2 people
  • 1.2kg: 2-4 people
  • 2.2kg: 6-8 people 
  • 3kg: 6-8+ people 

We suggest to eat within: 4 days

The Pesky Fisherman's Marketplace opens daily at 8am - 9am from Monday to Thursday.

Each morning you'll have access to latest landings caught by our British inshore day boats.

There are so many factors that impact our fishermen's ability to catch fish on a daily basis. We'll always aim to make sure even on days with bad weather we can provide a great market.

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Please note that some species, such as lobster, are sent live. If you need advice on how to care for your seafood on arrival at your home, please get in touch.