The impact of your order

We created Pesky for you to be the change agents for a regenerative global fishing industry. Our goal is to deliver a global supply chain that guarantees both the regeneration of fish stocks, as well as the livelihoods of the fishermen who fish for them.

Lobster pot retrieve - Pesky

You have regenerated fish stocks & marine environments

To guarantee a thriving global fishing industry in 100 years, we have to ensure that todayโ€™s fishing actively supports not only the sustaining of fish stocks and the environments they live in, but their regeneration as well. To achieve this, your seafood will always be mature fish, sourced exclusively from abundant stocks, and caught using low impact fishing methods.

Lobster sustainability - Pesky

Exclusively mature fish.

By sourcing mature fish, that are old enough to have reproduced and contributed back to their population, you are ensuring stocks continue to thrive for years to come. Learn more

School of sardines - Pesky

From abundant stocks.

Using fish from native, abundant stocks that are in season balances fishing pressure and protects vulnerable stocks from overfishing. Learn more

Line fishing with gurdy - Pesky

Using low impact fishing methods.

Ensuring your seafood is caught with the lowest chance of bycatch and with no lasting damage to the environment allows habitats and at-risk species to rebuild and thrive. Learn more

Smoked salmon from the kiln, Ullapool Smokehouse - Pesky

You have regenerated incomes.

Your order has supported fishing businesses and communities by helping us to: pay fishermen the best price for their landings, market abundant and underutilised species to maximise catch value, and use coastal packing partners to create local employment opportunities.

Pot and creel fisherman - Pesky

Paying fishermen the best price.

You order helps local fishermen and producers achieve the best price for their produce every day to maximise the value of their landings and harvests.

Red Gurnard hero image - Pesky

Creating a market for underutilised species.

By providing a market for abundant and underutilised species, you have helped increase total catch value for fishermen, and reduce waste in the chain.

Production team packing salmon at Ullapool Smokehouse - Pesky

Supporting local employment opportunities.

Your order has been picked, prepared and packed by our coastal packing partners, supporting local employment within the fishing and seafood industry.

carboard boxes - Pesky

You have supported our path to a net-zero supply chain.

In the UK we export 73% of the fish we catch, yet import 80% of the fish we eat. With multiple links in the chain, the resource required to refrigerate, pack and ship fish to your plate is mindblowing! When buying on the Pesky market, your orders are shipped directly from coast to kitchen, packed in recyclable packaging, and delivered using a carbon neutral distribution network.

Fishing vessel Resolute returning to port in high seas - Pesky

Shipped direct from coast to kitchen.

Buying direct from fishermen and producers means your order comes straight from the source to your doorstep, reducing your energy and resource footprint.

Flat packed cardboard boxes - Pesky

Using 100% recyclable packaging.

Your order is shipped in recyclable packaging, meaning nothing goes to landfill or the oceans. We're taking it one step further, with a target to ship in plastic free packaging by the end of 2023.

DPD Courier van travelling across countryside - Pesky

With carbon neutral delivery.

Every order is delivered to you using a carbon neutral delivery network, where all carbon emissions are offset, with an ever-growing electrified fleet of delivery vehicles.