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Ahead of our full market re-launch in July, we’re offering Frazer’s scallops as part of our Producer Market with FREE DELIVERY. They’ll arrive this Friday 24th June 2022 in time for your weekend showstoppers.

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We base our serving suggestions on a 140g portion of fish meat per person.


When selecting your size above, start by choosing the number of people you want each fish to feed from the landings we have available.


Next, tell us whether you want whole fish, or fillets.


You'll then see confirmation of the whole fish and filleted weight we'll send based on the fish size you have selected.


Need to serve more people than the available options? No problem. The serving sizes are per fish, so if you need to feed more people simply increase the quantity to match the number of people you want to serve.



In terms of sustainable fishing methods, you cannot get more selective than diving for scallops – especially when they come from the mits of our resident diver, Frazer. Diving to depths of 8-22m, he hand picks each scallop from the sea bed. While we can’t distribute them live due to food safety standards – Frazer shucks the scallops from their shells in order to create a cracking dozen that you can literally throw straight onto the grill with a bit of salt, olive oil and lime.

Hand dived and shucked by: Frazer Pugh, onboard BM99 Bagheera.

This fish feeds:

Dozen – A dozen good sized scallops to feed 4 people as a starter, or 2 people as a main.

24 Pack – A pack of 24 good sized scallops to feed 8 people as a starter, or 4 people as a main.

We suggest to eat within: 3 days from delivery. Suitable for home freezing – don’t worry they will still taste great!

6 reviews for Frazer’s Scallops

  1. Georgina McKinnon

    Brilliant, clean, fresh and delicious. There is no comparison between these beauties and the bottom trawled gritty offerings from some fish mongers or supermarkets. A treat that I cooked with a little black pudding. Yum!

  2. Russell Watts

    Outstanding flavour just in another class from what our local supermarket offers.
    Delicious with a little Chorizo

  3. Pamela

    Absolutely delicious. Tried them cooked with the Welsh Sea Black Butter, which really complimented the sweetness of the scallops.

  4. Jeanette Davis

    The best scallops I have had! Used the Welsh Sea black butter and a little garlic. Mixed in some GF pasta and it was to die for! A pure joy!

  5. James Bridges

    Brillliant scallops. Had them four ways: raw with blood orange and hazelnut oil, pan seared, cooked in seaweed butter and smoked the roes for a taramasalata style thingy. Sweet, fresh and a nice size.

  6. Andy Joslin

    Best scallops I have eaten – home or abroad! I like mine fried in bacon fat. also great in olive oil or butter. You don’t need a complex recipe with seafood as fresh as this.

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