One of our favourite fish to cook whole – baked or grilled. Gorgeous meaty flavour with a firmer texture than pollack and cod. One of the most outstanding dishes ever cooked at Ikoyi in London.

Would highly suggest getting these fish whole so you can grill in the oven or BBQ. Very seasonal and beautiful texture.

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Buying Guide

All of our fish are sold by their whole weight. We’ve put together these three easy steps to make choosing your fish super simple:

1. Choose your whole weight from the options above. As a guide, we suggest 300-450g of whole fish per person.

2. Choose to have your fish filleted or left whole. Filleting will yield approximately 55% from the whole weight. Whole fish are gutted and scaled for you ready to cook.

3. Select ‘Add to Basket’. Wohoo! Your fish is reserved for 15 minutes whilst you keep shopping.

This fish comes gutted and scaled ready to cook.

Serving Suggestions:

500g-750g: 1-2 person

750g-1kg: 2-3 people

1kg-1.25kg: 3 people

1.25kg-1.5kg: 4 people

1.5kg-1.75kg: 4-5 people

1.75kg-2kg: 5+ people


We suggest to eat within: 5 days from delivery.

Additional information

Choose your whole weight

500g-750g, 750g-1kg, 1kg-1.25kg, 1.25kg-1.5kg, 1.5kg-1.75kg, 1.75kg-2kg

Choose to have your fish whole or filleted



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All fresh fish can be frozen. We recommend freezing your catch as soon as you receive your delivery. When you defrost them, it is important that you do this thoroughly before cooking. It is best if you defrost them in the fridge and use them within 24hrs . Please remember that live products like clams and mussels should never be frozen.

If you buy over £50 of our fishermen's catch, delivery from port to door is free! However, if you're just after a few little treats from the day's landings, a smaller box only costs £7.50.

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