Creating the UK's first regenerative seafood market

Creating the UK's first regenerative seafood market

We created Pesky for YOU to be the change agents for a regenerative global fishing industry.

Our goal is to deliver a global supply chain that guarantees both the regeneration of fish stocks, as well as the livelihoods of the fishermen who fish for them.

That’s why every element of our supply chain is built on three distinct pillars of a regenerative fishing industry, covering every aspect from catch to your kitchen.


Regenerate fish stocks & marine environments


Regenerate Fishing Industry Incomes


Reduce Resource Use to Net Zero

Regenerate fish stocks & marine environments

To guarantee a thriving global fishing industry in 100 years, we have to ensure that today’s fishing actively supports not simply the sustainability of fish stocks and the environments they live in, but their regeneration as well.

To do so, we had to create a market that actively rewards regenerative fishing – so that your purchases drive the necessary changes at the base of the chain.

Therefore, supported by the latest scientific data, you will only ever find fish on the Pesky market that are:

From abundant stocks.

Old enough to have reproduced.

Caught using low impact fishing methods.

You will never find fish on the Pesky market that has been caught using gear that causes lasting damage to the marine environment.

Ben King, Founder

Low impact fishing methods

We’ve profiled every major fishing gear to assess its impact on:

Bycatch – fish caught unintentionally, including ghost fishing when gear is lost at sea.

Environmental interaction – how, if at all, a gear type interacts with the seabed and surrounding habitats.

Regenerate Fishing Industry Incomes

As scallop divers, the main motivator is not profit but passion, our love for the ocean and our desire for healthy seas. It's a privilege to be able to supply a company that directly mirrors our core values and supports only those that do the same.

Frazer Pugh, Scallop Diver

In 2020, the value of UK landings dropped 19% alongside the loss of 15% of fishing jobs. To buck this trend and ensure a future for our low impact fishermen, we had to build our market so that it would unlock all the value that skippers should be realising for their phenomenal quality, sustainable catch.

In addition, shore-based fish businesses have dramatically reduced in numbers over the last few decades, taking with them employment opportunities for local skilled labour. As these jobs are not only essential for a sustainable fishery but an invaluable income to the community, your box will always be packed in the port.

When buying on the Pesky market you are supporting these communities by helping us to:

Pay fishermen the best price for their landings, every day.

Market abundant, bycatch species to maximise total catch value.

Use coastal packing partners to create local employment opportunities.

Reduce resource use to Net Zero

In the UK we export 73% of the fish we catch, yet import 80% of the fish we eat. With multiple links in the chain, the resource required to refrigerate, pack and ship fish to your plate is mindblowing!

That’s why we’ve set the clear goal of a zero impact supply chain from coast to customer. By continuously challenging ourselves to minimise and eradicate our resource use, we want every buyer on the Pesky market to be confident that the fish they buy does not cost the earth to deliver.

You’re already having a measurable impact on reducing resource use in the chain as your box today has been:

Shipped directly from coast to kitchen, cutting out duplicated resources.

Packaged in 100% recyclable materials, meaning zero to landfill.

Delivered using carbon neutral distribution, offsetting all carbon.

Over the coming months, we’ll also be investing in our chain to:

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